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IMS, Law - Noida Campus

Topic: New career opportunities for law students - How to unleash your ‘outlier’ abilities

Attendees: 70

Hours: 1

Days: 1

Working in the biggest corporate law firms in the countryor in the legal department of a multinational or a blue-chip has always been an extremely coveted career option – yet, many of the brightest law graduates have started deviating from this path in recent times. Litigation was the most common path earlier, but several other options have emerged now - legal journalism, legal education, working at startups, smaller law firms or building a solo practice. Interestingly, these ‘outlier’ students have achieved a fair level of success – generating a lot of interest amongst students on the feasibility of such career choices.

What is it like to work in a startup or as an independent practitioner? What are the essential skills for success, or even survival in such a career? How does a career at a startup compare to that in an established law firm or a large corporation? What is the upside to working in a startup? What are the risks? Should law students explore such alternatives at all?

This was an exciting session conducted for the students of IMS Law College, Noida.

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