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IMS, MBA - Noida Campus

Topic: How marketing superheroes use legal acumen to destroy competition

Attendees: 45

Hours: 1

Days: 1

Success in marketing and sales requires the ability to garner acceptance for new ideas. With customers getting more wary of traditional techniques and with heavy regulation of advertising such as cold-calling, telemarketing and mass email campaigns, several ‘unconventional’ marketing techniques have become popular.

Unconventional marketing carries with it several inherent risks. Not only can the campaign fail if it is not loved by customers, it can also lead to legal problems or other business risks for the organization, especially if it is illegal, defamatory or if a regulator pulls you up for violating the law.

How do successful marketers create unconventional marketing and sales techniques? Which are some of the most successful ‘unconventional’ marketing campaigns that we didn’t even realize? How can you use strategic legal acumen to create more effective marketing campaigns and high-conversion sales techniques for a business?

Exploring the answers to these questions with MBA students was a lot of fun.

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