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Y.M.C.A, Jai Singh Marg, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Contract Drafting Marathon - Delhi

Where: Y.M.C.A, Jai Singh Marg, Connaught Place, New Delhi

When: 13th July '13 at 10:00am

Fees: INR 1,100 only

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Have you been wondering how to improve your contract drafting skills?

You know the answer to it probably - you need to draft a lot of contracts, of many varieties, get good quality feedback and learn the techniques that 'separate the men from the boys'.

Where do you get a chance to do this? In college? In contract law class? Some other kind of drafting class? At internships?

No one teaches you drafting. One day you graduate. Then you are just thrown into the sea and somehow expected to be able to draft professional contracts.

We are putting an end to this.

Learn contract drafting systematically.

Come for our Contract Drafting Marathon session.

Draft contracts with us all day, get professional feedback on your drafting skills and improve your skills drastically.

We shall give you real life negotiation situations and contracts used in real life transactions - and we'll even show how they are negotiated.

By the time you leave you'll learn how to draft a bunch of contracts and even get access to some high quality templates.


We'll cover:

  • Non-disclosure Agreements
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Marketing agreements
  • Service provider agreements
  • Employment agreements
  • Consultant and freelancer agreements
  • Lease Agreements
  • Shareholders Agreements and Share Subscription Agreements
  • And a lot more...


After we have taught you contract drafting, we will be organizing a competition in which everyone will be given contracts to draft.

The winner will be decided on the basis of time used and quality of the contract which he/she has drafted. The final results of the marathon will be announced after two days via email.

The winner of the marathon will get a cash prize of 4000/-.

Event fee: INR 1100/-

Location: Y.M.C.A ,Jai Singh Marg, Connaught Place New Delhi

Contact: +91 (0) 9050998228

Everyone who participates will be getting a certificate of participation from iPleaders.

(You need to pay to attend, unless you are student of our Business Law course. This is free for all the current students and alumnus of Business Law course.)


Event Rules:

  • You must bring your laptop with you. Bring power cords - there will be provision for you to charge your laptop.
  • If you are late to the event, it's at your own risk. The event will start at pre-specified time. We'll not help you to catch up.
  • If you want internet, bring your own dongle or create 3G hotspots for your own use. We will not provide internet.
  • It's an all day event. Bring your own water. You'll get a lunch break - step out to get your lunch or carry it with you. We will teach you contract drafting but not arrange for your food or water.
  • We don't have any early bird discount, but if you sign up on last moment and there are too few seats left - we will charge you 30% extra at our discretion. Just sign up well ahead of time if you wouldn't like that!

The event is planned, conceptualized and implemented by iPleaders.