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Law Workshops

Legal Workshops & iPleaders

Law has been made to sound complicated for ages. It is something that strange old people wearing black and white practices in arcane courtrooms - as we see in movies from time to time. Studying or learning law means some great scholarly pursuit - which involves Universities and big fat books and many years.

InstaLaw Workshops were designed to shatter this myth. Law is a bunch of rules - and by definition they are simple - something all rational human beings can understand and follow intuitively. Yes, learning law helps - but such learning need not be the torturous study of fat books, thousands of section numbersand cases and complicated Latin jargon, as popular culture often suggests.

The irony is that even though the law students are subjected to the torturous methods of learning law. One such method is the infamous ‘case law method’ - today more and more lawyers graduate out of law school having read hundreds of cases, but without any clue of how to practice law and how to solve real life problems. Reading thick contract textbooks and commentaries does not help law students to learn to draft a single contract.

Reading or memorizing sections of the Companies Act never created a great corporate lawyer. Most law students graduate completely unemployable out of the 900 odd law colleges of India. Legal textbooks are decades old and completely outdated - but that is what you have to read to pass law exams. For instance, the illustrious Mumbai University has not changed its law syllabus in 25 years.

While the system is refusing to listen to the bugle call of changing times, at iPleaders we started the journey of helping Universities to launch legal courses that meet practical needs of our time. We tried to remove false constraints in learning law.

In words of Steve Jobs - every intelligent person in the next century should know two things: how to write a program and how to read a contract. I don't know about programming - but I have no doubts about contract. If you don't learn how contracts work, other people, even big corporates, your service providers, your employer, your clients will manipulate and exploit you. Isn't it happening already? If you don't know how compliance and taxation work - you'll compromise on your interests while others minimize their tax and compliance bills. If you do not understand how intellectual property works, instead of you other people will take advantage of your creations.

At iPleaders, we have helped students, professionals and businessmen become more competitive and sophisticated in their approach to business and management practices through innovative use of contracts and internal policies. We taught engineers from IITs how they can take investments in their startup companies. We taught Information Technology and Intellectual Property Laws at BITS Pilani's Goa campus to students who wanted to started their own businesses after college. We spoke about Legal Risk Management at Larsen and Toubro's EBG Campus at Vashi, Mumbai. We spoke at Barcamps, Startup Saturdays and at IIT-Madras on how to negotiate contracts, including negotiating with venture capitalists (VCs). We taught design firm owners in Mumbai how they can use contracts and intellectual property law to increase their revenue and speed up delayed payments. We taught investment law and foreign direct investment related laws in a dozen law colleges in and around Mumbai. We even taught journalists and PR professionals at Press Club, Mumbai.

In short, we have just started a revolution which is changing the way business is carried out.

Who should take this course? And why?

Finance Professionals

  • Learn the legal framework of the investment world
  • Become a well-rounded decision maker
  • Distinguish your career with a rare and useful skill

Those pursuing a career in management

  • Become a better decision maker
  • Stand out from the crowd and improve your profile with a diploma from a top law school
  • Become a master at handling lawyers and legal resources
  • Become a better negotiator
  • Learn practical aspects of corporate governance and raising capital
  • Learn about the legal compliances governing different stages and functions of a business
  • Understand legal issues that impact a managers duties and affect outcome

Those who want to start their own company

  • Have complete control over the legal issues that affect your business
  • Make better decisions, reduce regulatory and contractual risks
  • Become a master negotiator
  • Get a better deal when you raise capital and sign investment contracts or enter into joint ventures
  • External lawyers cannot always help you to make your strategy
  • Use lawyers more efficiently, cut down on legal bills
  • Be more confident about how you run the business

Those who want to consult startups and SMEs

  • Understand the legal environment in which businesses operate
  • More insight for your service offerings
  • Learn about the crucial issues with respect to which every startup and SME business reach out for help

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Meet the team

  • Abhyudaya Agarwal

    Abhyudaya Agarwal

    Research & Operations Wizard

    Ex-private equity lawyer quit a reputed law firm to make InstaLaw possible

  • Ramanuj Mukherjee

    Ramanuj Mukherjee

    Principal Integrator & Chief Philosopher

    Corporate Lawyer, works relentlessly on making law accessible