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WORKSHOP 4:Basic Law to start an e-commerce website

Duration:6 hours

E-commerce is the flavor of the season, and for a very good reason. In India, the urban supply chain is extremely inadequate and inefficient. There are a large number of e-commerce startups trying to address this problem. With success stories like Flipkart trying to raise USD 100 million, Snapdeal, FashionandYou, and many others, there is a lot of action in this space, and a lot still remains to be done. If you are planning an e-commerce business, our workshop will give you a headstart on legal, funding and operations-related expertise specific to this sector.

a. Foreign direct investment in e-commerce – How to raise foreign investment without violating Indian FDI rules.
b. Sourcing and supplier contracts
c. Branding and protection of trade name
d. End user agreement, privacy policy, data protection policy
e. Allowing third party sellers on e-commerce portal
f. Selling to foreign buyers
g. Taxation issues
h. Intermediary liability under Information technology

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