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YMCA, Delhi

Topic: Contract drafting

Attendees: 44

Venue: International Conference Center, YMCA, Connaught Place, Delhi

Hours: 7

Days: 1

Learn contract drafting! This workshop uses the unique learning technique called immersion learning. Apart from law students, there were a handful of technical professionals and a solo entrepreneur at the event.

There is no systematic way of learning contract drafting available to the aspiring lawyer or law students in India. Law schools and colleges have a perfunctory way of teaching drafting that barely scratches the surface. Internships are rarely a suitable place to learn drafting - hardly any lawyer has the time to sit next to you and teach drafting.

The drafting marathon ensures that the participants becomes familiar with the process of drafting, identifying issues, communicating with clients and drafting clauses. They are given templates and realistic problems and asked to work out solutions. Their responses are then discussed at length. They are asked to write clauses collaboratively during simulation exercises. The attendees complain about only one thing - 7 hours are not enough to learn so much!


Excerpt from event announcement:

Have you been wondering how to improve your contract drafting skills? You know the answer to it probably - you need to draft a lot of contracts, of many varieties, get good quality feedback and learn the techniques that 'separate the men from the boys'.

Where do you get a chance to do this? In college? In contract law class? Some other kind of drafting class? At internships?

No one teaches you drafting. One day you graduate. Then you are just thrown into the sea and somehow expected to be able to draft professional contracts.

We are putting an end to this.

Learn contract drafting systematically.

Come for our Contract Drafting Marathon session.

Draft contracts with us all day, get professional feedback on your drafting skills and improve your skills drastically.

We shall give you real life negotiation situations and contracts used in real life transactions - and we'll even show how they are negotiated.

By the time you leave you'll learn how to draft a bunch of contracts and even get access to some high quality templates.


We'll cover:

  • Non-disclosure Agreements
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Marketing agreements
  • Service provider agreements
  • Employment agreements
  • Consultant and freelancer agreements
  • Lease Agreements
  • Shareholders Agreements and Share Subscription Agreements
  • And a lot more...


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